BBC Bias on Environmental Issues

January 25, 2020

Two stories on the same action by the Trump Administration.

Says it all. Read both.

(British/European) BBC

(condescending, mis-directed, alarmist, call-out as not the narrative, etc.):

Trump rolls back US water pollution controls

The Trump administration is scrapping protections for America’s streams and wetlands, repealing Barack Obama’s Waters of the United States regulation.

The move will dismantle federal protections for more than half of wetlands and hundreds of small waterways in the US.

The White House says the change will be a victory for American farmers.
But critics say the change will be destructive – part of Mr Trump’s wider assault on environmental protections.

(American) Daily Caller published with Insightful Comments on WUWT

(from the other direction, people’s expereince, specific, law/constitutional basis, etc.):

Trump Rolls Back Another Obama-Era Enviro Rule As Impeachment Trial Drags On

The Environmental Protection Agency finalized a rule Thursday afternoon scaling back an Obama-era regulation farmers and energy producers said saddled them with unnecessary burdens.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced the rule change in Las Vegas, effectively hemming in a regulation restricting the use of fertilizers and pesticides. President Donald Trump promised to repeal his predecessor’s “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) rule when he was running in 2016.

Rolling back WOTUS saves landowners, farmers and businesses from being forced to hire “teams of attorneys to tell them how to use their own land,” Wheeler told reporters at a meeting of the National Association of Home Builders. The rollback is one of many the president is administering.

Killing Trees for Wind Farms in Scotland

January 24, 2020

As reported by Scottish Forestry (and on The Global Warming Policy Foundation’s web site), 13.9 million trees have been felled since 2000 to make room for wind farms.

Specifically data covering renewable developments on Scotland’s national forests and lands, which is managed on behalf of Scottish Ministers by Forestry and Land Scotland. The area of felled trees in hectares, from 2000 (the date when the first scheme was developed, is 6,994 hectares [70 km², 17,283 acres]. Based on the average number of trees per hectare, of 2000, this gives an estimated total of 13.9M.