Finally Gave Up on Colligo Briefcase for Mac on OSX

I have taken too much time trying to make Colligo Briefcase work on Mac OSX. It gets partially through the sync then fails with a “server error 500”. The logs are impenetrable. Can’t see any resources on their support forum to give me guidance. I emailed Colligo support, but they want me to pay them for their support. From here it looks like a flaw in their product, or at least a misleading error message.

Good news. The uninstall app seems to work.

Update 2015: Colligo changed to a “new” product called Engage. It is no better. Crashes on my machine. I contacted their support on this and they would not help as I did not have a support contract. Humm. Bought the product. Does not work. They won’t help without extorting more money. Bye.

One Response to Finally Gave Up on Colligo Briefcase for Mac on OSX

  1. fujirobin says:

    Even if you pay for support there is no guarantee of a better result. I have just spent 3 weeks trying to prove to IBM that the problem was with their software (on paid support), whilst they were asking for more and more pointless tests and trying to find ways that meant they didn’t have to support it. Just time-wasting. I eventually found the solution myself.. it was buried in their own online tech support docs – a known bug that they weren’t going to fix. They are all b’stards.

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