“Climate Engineer” – New Term

Scottish Sceptic at http://scottishsceptic.co.uk/2014/07/13/why-climate-engineers-beat-the-climate-academics has conceived a new term (at least to me)–Climate Engineer. He is distinguishing the term “Climate Engineering” with the term “Climate Scientist”–which has been in long-term use, particularly by people who don’t really know what it means. He asks the question

Why is it that people from a general engineering/science background like us skeptics could have known that the academics would get it wrong?

He boils it down to:

Engineers cannot draw an abstract line around what someone deems to be the “science”, and pretend the rest doesn’t matter.

I particularly like his table of comparison, which is worthy of consideration. What does this all mean? To me, it summaries how society has ended up down this blind alley. We’ve mis-placed our trust.


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