No Telling What One Can Learn about Scottish Independance

I attended a sold-out debate event sponsored by the Spectator Magazine hosted by Andrew Neil with Ian Murray MP, Annabel Goldie MSP, George Galloway MP, Andrew Wilson, Jeane Freeman OBE, and Blair Jenkins. The proposition for debate was “Independence is the greatest threat to Edinburgh”. Twitter hash tag is #specscot.

George Galloway was the hit of the night who has a mission to rally people against independence. Andrew Neil very impressive with probing and insightful questions and adroit leadership of the debate. Hear George Galloway at

I learned some things.

  • From Andrew Wilson that “everyone accepts that it’s only a formality that an independent Scotland will be accepted into the EU”. [After he said that, the audience erupted in giggles.]
  • From Andrew Wilson I learned that East Germany was granted the “automatic” entry to EU–as he expects Scotland to be granted–after their “struggle for independence”. [Not my recollection of history.]
  • From Andrew Wilson, Jeane Freeman, and Blair Jenkins who made this point over and over, I learned that the primary purpose of independence is to give power to Scotland’s people to enable social equality, cure poverty, etc.
  • From Blair Jenkins, I learned that there have been 151 new countries formed since WWII, and the citizens of these new countries are all happier and richer as a result of their independence. Just like Scotland will be after independence, he said. [I’m going to do more reading about this assertion.]

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