Software UnInstalled: Box and Carbonite

I’m always interested in new software ideas. Sort of a hobby I guess, but am seeking “the best” and ways to make life a bit more productive. Removing software for reason is part of that process.

I have removed and will no longer use:

Box … a file synching program. Discovered it could not do synching of symbolic links like Dropbox can. Lack of symbolic links is a show-stopper. I’ll stick with Dropbox and SugarSync.

Carbonite … a file backup system. Thought I would give it a try as Leo Laporte is so enthusiastic about it. However, I discovered it took as many resources as CrashPlan on the Mac limited support for Mac, and cost too much. The search for less resource usage was a stretch to justify me looking at something else, but was a moot point anyway. Further it does not work on Linux. Stick with CrashPlan.

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