Thorium Energy

I just became aware of the Thorium Energy Alliance, and their participation in a video by Popular Science Magazine. 

Thorium, as a future energy source for power generation, is written about in many places but it has not yet hit the mainstream in thinking. It should.  They say on their web site:

Why is thorium important if we already have uranium-fueled nuclear power plants? A thorium-fueled nuclear reactor generates hundreds of times the power of a uranium or coal power plant but produces essentially no waste. A thorium power plant would produce much less than 1% of the waste that a uranium plant of equal magnitude produces and, of course, would produce no carbon dioxide. More importantly, while the waste of a uranium power plant is toxic for over 10,000 years, the little waste that is produced in a thorium plant is benign in under 200 years. Even more impressive, the thorium power plant can be used to burn our current stockpile of nuclear waste.



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