Free Market in Energy Now Abandoned

Confirmation that the free market for investment in energy systems, not that we didn’t know it already, is gone. See this in today’s Scotsman article where they say Scotland is likely to see more wind farm developments as a result of a new pricing system:

Christian Egal, chief executive of EDF Energy Renewables (EDF EN), who will be in Edinburgh this week to speak at an industry conference, has been pushing more of its investment northwards in the past year and he said that trend is likely to continue as the UK moves to a system of guaranteed prices for different forms of energy. (bold by me)

And what would that price be? Who agreed it? How does it compare to current prices? Can we afford it? What is the cost of investment to get the revenue suggested by that price?

Mr. Egal reports that there is room for growth. He is reported in the article to say that he did not expect to see more than 10,000 MB of wind generating capacity to be installed in Germany, but now there is around 30,000 MW of capacity.

My question. How much output, over the course of a full year, does Germany get from that capacity, at what cost, and what is the price charged … all in per/MW please.

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