“Extreme” Weather

In the UK media today I see and hear much about the weather being described as “extreme”.

Yes, the weather is poorly. However, current reports are that “it could be the worst in 10 years”. 10-years. That’s nothing. A lot of people remember things from 10 years ago. This weather happened before, and should have been remembered. We had 10 years to get ready.

It’s winter. The UK is always going to bear the brunt of weather which is different than what we think the Garden of Eden would have. Get over it.

Clearly, the underlying message is, “It’s all our fault. We Must Do Something”!

Might I suggest the following for the to-do list:

: change planning rules to stop building in flood plains. Use flood plains for agriculture or other purposes which are not significantly impacted by flooding. If the flooding impact is too much to bear, then do not use the flood plains.
: Stop living in buildings where flooding will occur
: invest in measures to mitigate flooding (drains, more soil/forest and less paving)
: either build breakwaters at the shoreline where large waves expected, or accept that structures near the shoreline will suffer damage. Bear in mind that Nature does not like breakwaters and sometimes will make them disappear. Design carefully.

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