So Proud that “Engineers” fixing downed electrical lines

December 24, 2013

Jon Snow, Channel4 newscaster, seems to think the poor weather we are having in UK is due to “climate change” and by that I think he means “it’s all our fault”. That for comment another time.

Well the real news is that the media is reporting that “engineers” are out there fixing the downed power lines–blown down by the winds.

So Proud! 🙂

That being said, it is a pity that real engineers, with degrees and professional accreditation, are not involved.

Meanwhile, the weather is indeed making it difficult for some too travel home for the holidays. We wish our best to all for save and successful journeys.

Recommended! CargoLifter and ForgetMeNot

December 21, 2013

Now available in a bundle at ChungwaSoft a terrific bundle for Apple Mail:

  • CargoLifter which uploads email file attachments into the cloud before sending. Avoids sending large attachments.
  • ForgetMeKnow which helps you not forget to include attachments which you say something like “Attached is ” and then don’t do it (happens to me all the time).
  • SendLater which allows mails to be sent at a specific date and time in the future.

All these products have saved me much effort.

Awful Journalism: Metro on “New Coastline Threat Fears”

December 5, 2013

I know the Metro is not the most brilliant newspaper, but it does collect things from other sources and is a good read in cafes while having a morning cup of coffee.

Now they print propaganda masquerading as science. I guess funding is funding.

And sells adverts, I guess.

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UK Energy Prices and Policy

December 1, 2013

Let me get this right. The government creates a energy/power/combateclimatechange policy which is predicated on the assumption of and wish for higher energy costs to force consumers to use less, and then when energy prices increase the government in all quarters go out of their way to promise energy price controls and reductions.

Where is is the policy/strategy change?