More and More Media Attention to Impacts of Warming Planet

I read a lot. A trend I think is happening with greater frequency are articles in the media which reports results of scientists’ work to show the impact of “a warming climate”, without bothering to not that the climate is not necessarily warming.

Today in the “Times” is a good example. Under the headline “Climate gives red deer a head start”, they report on “because of a warming climate, it is thought a longer growing season and and summer is giving deer better grazing.” I understand the cover of the next issue of “National Geographic” will show the Statue of Liberty submerged in the sea to waist-deep water.

Here’s another. The “Guardian” today has a report “Coastal flood damage could soar to $1tn a year by 2050” because of climate change combined with rapid population increases, economic growth, and subsiding land. [That would then, of course, would be $1tn in high quality construction jobs!].

It is all scary stuff, isn’t it? And I do not mean climate change.

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