Health Risks for “Heatwave”

The Met Office has issued “heatwave warnings level 3” due to the recent summer temperatures experienced in the UK. The BBC reports:

The warning alerts healthcare services to help those in high-risk groups such as the elderly and young children.

They also say the temperature in south-west London was 32.2 degC yesterday in London, which is about 90 degF.

When this warning is reported, media jumps to tragic deaths caused by drowning–which as far as I know has nothing to do with temperature other than warm temperatures causes people to jump into water–prepared or not.

I’ve seen no reports (or data) on health issues or death caused by 32.2 degC temperatures compared to “normal” temperatures. That would be a good research topic for someone.

Update 19 July:

BBC reports “100 people in Wales could have died so far“, but further down the report, it says:

The figures were produced using Met Office temperature data, which was compared to studies conducted after previous heatwaves.

The estimates are based on the assumption the risk of death increases for every degree above a particular maximum threshold in individual areas.

The article goes on to talk about “incidents” related to outdoor activities … but then as the weather is nice people go outdoors and do “risky” things.

Again, the implied root cause is “carbon” and we gotta get rid if it all. 🙂

So much fuzzy thinking goes on in this heat, I guess.

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