Guardian Does Not Understand CCS

The Guardian’s Fiona Harvey has an article today “42% of UK population unaware of carbon capture and storage – poll” (see

Ms. Harvey says:

About 42% of people had no knowledge of CCS, which is posited by the government’s climate advisers as a way of helping the UK take carbon out of electricity generation, while continuting [sic] to use fossil fuels such as gas, within the next two decades.

First, CCS takes “carbon di-oxide” … a molecule with two oxygen atoms connected to one carbon atom … out of the exhaust of the power plant.

The purpose of CCS is not to remove carbon.

Second, I don’t think it important that the public know about CCS. It’s an industrial process and there are many very important industrial processes that 42% of the population are unaware and that causes no problem that I’m aware of.

Third, Ms. Harvey (and many others) are focusing on the wrong thing. They talk and promote the “how” without any discussion of the “what”. If CCS were to be implemented to the extent proposed, exactly how many degrees in C will the earth be “not warmed” by having removed a quantity of carbon dioxide missing from the exhaust of these power-plants? What is the benefit? How much will that benefit cost us now?

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