This doesn’t pass the reasonableness test

December 31, 2012

The Telegraph reports

Mr Leppard said half of all fraud in Britain, which costs the country £70  billion a year, is conducted online.
Among the victims are wealthy retired people who are conned in fraudulent share schemes at a cost of £3.5 billion a year. The average cost to the victim is £25,000 and half of those who lose out in the schemes are over 65. “That is a significant loss to the most vulnerable people in our society,” Mr Leppard said, adding those responsible should receive tougher sentences.

£3.5 billion at £25k per fraud, means 140,000 elderly people were conned. Let’s assume “elderly” means anyone over the age of 70. Per Wikipedia that would imply 11.8% of the population, which based on 60 million total people in UK then implies about 2% of all “elderly” people lost £25k (on average) each.

That’s a big number. Just seems as if this were real I would either know someone who was defrauded, or know someone who knows someone and I would have heard of it. I can’t even remember reading any articles in the Daily Mail, Scotsman, or Times about any single fraud.

The statistics just don’t add up in my mind and I would like to see the raw data.

Our Story in 1 Minute

December 31, 2012

I don’t normally like to watch a lot of YouTube links as they simply take too long. Faster to read.

Here, however, is the store of the origin our our existance set to music.

Edinburgh in Winter

December 19, 2012

I like this, Edinburgh in Winter:

The World is Getting Worse (and Other Lies): from Big Think

December 9, 2012

Andrew Cohen on “Big Think” uses the what he saw and felt in the film “Lincoln” to

wonder why so few people these days seem to notice how much our world has changed and continues to change for the better

He goes on to note how the majority of his friends and colleagues:

lament on one terrible truth or another about humanity’s seemingly unbroken predilection for ignorance and self-destructive behavior. The general trend of the narrative goes something like this: “Isn’t it shocking and appalling how selfish, materialistic, insensitive, greedy, shortsighted, and just plain dangerous we are as a species?” Some even go so far as to actually say that the earth was a better and more spiritually intact place before human beings appeared and, slowly but surely, started messing things up.

He goes on to contrast the Civil War era and how today we have increased standard of living, reduced violence, and decrease in disease.

We’ve made great progress on this earth. We are not a virus.