Another Climate Change Impact Claimed in MSM

In an otherwise excellent article by author Naomi Klein in today’s NY Times on the risks of geo-engineering, including “rogue geo-engineering”, I was chagrined to read:

Climate change is already making it hard to know whether events previously understood as “acts of God” (a freak heat wave in March or a Frankenstorm on Halloween) still belong in that category.

From what I have read and understand, it’s hard to “know” these things simply because it’s a clue that there probably is no causation link. We did not know these things before, and we will probably not know these things in the future. And from that we can probably conclude that if we take such actions to “stop climate” change there will be little to no impact on such “acts of God” atmospheric events.

And, like Ms. Klein, given the opportunity, I would vote against geo-engineering, construction, and operation for any reason whatsoever.

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