iPhone/iPad Podcast at Very Disappointing

With the latest update to IOS for iPhone and iPad, Apple has move Podcasts out of iTunes to a special app. At first I thought that was ok. Now, I’m sure it is not ok–or at least in the new app we have lost valuable functionality.

My iPhone Podcast app is set for “Sync Subscriptions” ON which to me means it will sync subscriptions. I have turned off “Use Cellular Data” to prevent it from being synced when on cellular data. My iPhone was on and connected to WiFi all night. My assumption is that all the podcasts would be there.

I boarded the 5:30 a.m. train settling down for a long cross country journey. One third through a podast it abruptly stopped. I looked at the phone and there was a Text Message from O2 “You have used all your data. Your data allowance will be reset on 7/10/12, your ext bill date. To buy more now, click …” and they gave a URL.

Why the heck does listening to a Podcast require a live data connection? What’s the point of subscribing and forcing a Wifi connection for that? Why does the Podcast just stop under O2’s control?

No wonder I ran out of data this month!


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