Which Would You Pick?

The commenter “ssat” on Bishop Hill summarises the power generation options, comparing 1 GW generators:

: 1 GW nuclear, 4 acres, 24/7/365, reliable, sustainable with re-processing, possible future thorium.
: 1 GW solar, 5,000 acres, 4/7/365, nothing at night.
: 1 GW wind, 60,000 acres, 6/7/365, nothing when calm/stormy.
: 1 GW coal, 15 acres, 0/7/365, reliable, sustainable but nothing with CCS mandated.
: 1 GW gas, 2 acres, 24/7/365, reliable, sustainable with local/friendly shale.

Which would you pick?

One Response to Which Would You Pick?

  1. fujirobin says:

    where do the numbers come from?

    bit loaded innit? “sustainable with local/friendly shale” rather gives the game away doesn’t it?

    in what ways is it :

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