Small Discovery with Hazel … press “alt” key for sub-rules

I discovered Hazel from the “Mac Power User” podcast. Hazel has really helped my personal productivity by allowing me to automate a number of time-consuming things related to my consulting business management.

In setting up a new Hazel rule to experiment with a new idea I used Google search to see if I could get some ideas from others. In that search I ran across an article where in the “Condition” part of the Hazel rule a sub-rule “if” statement was used.


I wrote the author and got an almost immediate reply:

Hazel has a fairly hidden feature that allows you to do this. Instead of pressing the + button to add a new condition, holding down the Option key will turn that plus sign into ellipses, and clicking the ellipses will allow you to add sub-rules like I did; you can end up with as many nested conditions as you’d like.

As an added bonus, this trick generally applies to other apps with ‘rule editor’ interfaces like Hazel. Many applications that allow you to define conditions with this interface (it’s a standard Apple-provided interface kit) respond to this Option-click, which is cool.

“Fairly hidden” is an understatement. But it works. And it’s an important discovery for me as I am pretty sure the rules I’m going to be writing need that sort of capability.

Hazel is “cool”.

2 Responses to Small Discovery with Hazel … press “alt” key for sub-rules

  1. Ady says:

    Wow! Great find. I’ve been using Hazel for some time and this ‘trick’ will mean I can get rid of loads of automator scripts and just use Hazel directly.

  2. Ady says:

    Reblogged this on Star Tier and commented:
    I came across this blog post yesterday about a ‘hidden’ feature of Hazel. The ability to create nested conditions will really make my life easier.

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