Plan to untreated effluent into the Sea at Siccar Point. Good idea?

There is a plan by a company that prepares and packages vegetables for grocery stores to change how their waste water effluent is handled. Now they pipe it to on-site reed beds to filter it. They are seeking to reduce the treatment costs by building a pipeline across a sensitive area into the Firth of Forth to allow untreated wastewater to be released just beyond the shore. The location is near a marine conservation area and through a historical geological location–Siccar Point.

It’s the 21st Century. In the 20th Century we learned that dumping untreated effluent into lakes, oceans, and rivers was not a good thing to do and we did something about it. When I first moved to Scotland in the early 1980’s sewage effluent was dumped straight into the Firth of Forth. Now there are treatment plants. They still tell us we can’t eat the fish and seafood from the Firth, but it doesn’t smell anymore.

How, in the 21st Century can this plan to dump yet more effluent into the nearby sea be considered serious?

There is a campaign “Save Siccar Point“. Have a read and consider if you would like to help.

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