See an interesting articles on NY Times.

I’ve always been a magazine reader. I don’t buy them anymore. If I read things published by what were magazine publishers, they are on my iPad. I’m happy to pay for quality publications even if not paper. But I’m more fickle now. For example, I read New Scientist and Scientific American for the longest time on dead trees; but in the 21st century both publications have gone downhill and are now just political advocacy publications. They don’t garner my attention anymore, even if electronic.

It still is about content.

2 Responses to Magazines

  1. fujirobin says:

    I doubt they are “just” political advocacy publications. How are articles on lasers or DNA affected? You are applying your own prejudices broad brush..

    • rms says:

      You are correct. They (Scientific American and New Scientist) are not “just” political advocacy publications but they do advocate positions which are political and in recent years they have gone “over the top” and I’ve simply stopped subscribing and regular reading.

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