Why is this *the* issue

June 29, 2012

I’ve had the opportunity to listen to BBC radio for many hours already today. At each hourly news bulletin, over and over, we hear the repeated “news” that Bob Diamond, Chairman of Barclays, will not resign.

Why is that news compared to scores, hundreds, or perhaps thousands bank employees at his bank or perhaps other banks around the world who are possibly guilty of fraud with regard to the accusations of interest rate price fixing?

What am I missing?

Diamond and the other bankers deserve upcoming interaction with the legal justice system; but I do wish the BBC could be just a tiny bit more professional and unbiased in their journalism.

Required Reading on “Attitude to Folks who want to remake the Global Economy”

June 22, 2012

I urge you to read “Response to Paul Bain” at http://chiefio.wordpress.com/.

This article was catalysed by Bain’s paper in Nature about “climate change deniers” which has caused disquiet in many quarters.

The article is comprehensive and easy to read and comprehend. Outstanding writing quality.

I like how he sums up:

So, in summary: Social POV, meet Engineering Mindset and Reality Constraints. Want to convince me? Then show an Engineering solution that makes business sense. Until then, the Fluffy Bunnies live in the back yard

Scotland an United Nations

June 20, 2012

I read in the papers recently that United Nations Secretary-General told reporters that Scotland will be more influential once independent from the UK with United Nations. I was surprised and shocked.

I think that’s the last thing Scotland needs is to have more influence in the United Nations.

I think Scotland needs to be careful what they wish for.

Solar Panels have Nothing to do with the Sun!

June 4, 2012

I just (foolishly) answered the phone and it was a tele-marketer attempting to sell me solar panels for our home. It would cost “only” £5,000 and would be expected to pay back the investment within 5 to 7 years. This promise of course was without knowing the size of our house in order to properly size the units.

I questioned how such a device could economically work in Scotland where there was a shortage of direct sun, especially in winter, when compared to other locations in the world.

I was told “Solar panels having nothing to do with the sun. They work with Daylight! They have nothing to do with the sun!”

I hung up.