Another societal issue affected by Government Statistics

Janet Hood writes in the Scotsman an opinion piece on the policy of the Scottish and UK Governments to force an increase in the price of alcoholic drinks to curb heavy drinking.

They state – despite their own statistics demonstrating the contrary position – that we are drinking more and more, to our certain detriment. They look back to a golden age when alcohol was more expensive and less easily available.


I went to university in the mid-70s when alcohol was considerably more expensive than today. I remember my first stroll around the city that was to be my home for four years. Edinburgh was amazing! I wound my way through its ancient streets until I came to the Grassmarket, where I encountered the “good ole boys” who were not “drinking whisky and rye” but meths and milk enlivened with hairspray.

This article immediately brings to mind the government energy policy which is also based on flawed statistics.

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