Why does the customer have to work this hard?

Earlier this week I visited my local bank branch to deposit a cheque. I rarely visit a bank. I rarely have a cheque to deposit. I had one. We traded in our car and the dealer sent me a cheque which had to be deposited.

I queued up for at least 10 minutes; at which point a “bank manager” appeared and went through the queue to see which of us he could help so as to avoid them waiting longer. Everyone ahead of me had cash transactions, so they simply had to wait. I was the first person he could help. When I told him I had a cheque to deposit, he brightened up and said “Come with me!”.

He took my cheque and the deposit slip I had previously prepared, and then proceeded to fill out for me the envelope in which the cheque and deposit slip were going to be placed. That’s nice.

“What’s your phone number?”, he asked.

“Why do you need that?”

“In case we have to phone you about the deposit.”.

“But you have my phone number in your records. You ask me to reconfirm that number every time I log into your internet banking service!. Why again do you need my number for this form?”

“If we had to call you, it saves us having to lookup this information in different systems.”.

“So, it’s all about your convienence just in case you have a problem. Why is that my problem? And what are the odds that you are going to phone me anyway?”.

Numerous things when through my mind. I then made up a phone number in my head and gave it to him. He happily wrote it on the form.

Why do customers have to work so hard in this country?

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