The Cost and Risk of New Climate Change Policy – Fraud?

February 27, 2012

An elderly relative is a UK resident. She has two disabled members of her family to care for and fortunately she gets a level of support and sustenance funding by the local government.

Recently it became necessary for her to have the house heating boiler replaced. Because of her special situation, the local government funds the replacement and provides the contractors to do the work.

The work has started. In addition to replacing the boiler, the contractor has ripped out all the radiators which were originally located under windows to be against interior walls.

The contractor reports that this radiator relocation is required due to “global warming legislation” which requires whenever a new boiler if installed that all radiators which are in “non-compliant” locations, e.g. under windows, must be relocated to interior walls. So that’s what they are doing. The house is now in disarray.

This requirement made no sense to me. I consulted the local heating company we used a few years ago to replace our house heating boiler (a firm I trust) and they report they are completely unaware of such “global warming” legislation which requires relocation of radiators.

I fear our relative has been ripped off by the contractor and local government, using “global warming”, “climate change”, appeal to authority as a way to extort money.

I understand the house is without heating and ripped up. I do hope the contractor at least cleans up their mess, even if that means leaving the house with all radiators on interior walls.