“Visual Proof of Global Cooling”

Written by Stephen Wilde.

From http://climaterealists.com/index.php?id=8890.


There would appear to have been a clear cooling trend in the northern hemisphere around the pole since at least 2007 and most likely for longer.

The polar air masses are getting colder and expanding, contrary to expectations. That is likely to be the reason why there have been a number of notable incursions of cold air into middle latitudes in recent years. Such events have been occurring in both hemispheres so it is likely that the observed cooling trend is occurring at both poles.

It is a fundamental tenet of anthropogenic global warming theory that the poles warm more than other latitudes. Instead, what we can see here is the poles cooling and exporting cold air and colder ocean water towards the equator.

It may well be that the practice of interpolating estimated temperatures in the uninhabited polar regions is inappropriate and has been delaying our realisation that in fact global cooling is now in progress.

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