This is how Ice Ages Start

November 5, 2011

Fascinating and simple idea. See They start with snow. It’s snowing now.

New Google Layout for Reader

November 5, 2011

Over the last few years, 80% of my internet reading is initiated by Google Reader. I have hundreds of RSS feeds setup in numerous groups. I filter on reading only “favourites”, but sometimes dip into reading “All Items”.

I recently discovered Reeder for desktop reading of Google Reader but despite it being offline/desktop, I still rely on Google Reader. Reeder tells me there are 19,981 unread items!

Google resfreshed Google Reader this week. At first glance it’s looks “prettier”. But they’ve added a lot of extra space and the information density is considerably reduced. When viewed on a monitor it’s somewhat OK, but on the laptop (13″) even he top entry is not displayed in full. The top entry fills the bottom 60% of the screen. The top 40% is filled with fluff and empty space.

Call me old fashioned, but I found the previous design much better simply because more information was displayed at one time, allowing more effective reading.