Apple Lion is Underwhelming

I upgraded to Apple Lion over the weekend. I felt I needed to do this so that I could migrate from MobileMe to iCloud, to facilitate automatic synching between the laptop and iPhone. Apple made iCloud to work only with the Lion version of OS/X.

I prefer the previous version of the operating system:

: The Address Book now mimics (apparently) the iPad and has become, as a result, mostly un-usable. I think I have found a bug where it is impossible to send an email to a group. I am hesitating to call Apple about this as it will take too much phone hang time.

: Mail has received an over-haul and until I figure out the changes, it’s only 80% of what it used to be.

: Performance when memory starts to get full (which for me on my 4 gb Macbook), is often, is worse than with the previous operating system version.

: There must be a firewall setting that I can’t find, but the machine and network resources are no longer visible from other machines on the local network.

: It cost £20 for no added benefit (other than to allow me to use iCloud).

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