New Google Layout for Reader

Over the last few years, 80% of my internet reading is initiated by Google Reader. I have hundreds of RSS feeds setup in numerous groups. I filter on reading only “favourites”, but sometimes dip into reading “All Items”.

I recently discovered Reeder for desktop reading of Google Reader but despite it being offline/desktop, I still rely on Google Reader. Reeder tells me there are 19,981 unread items!

Google resfreshed Google Reader this week. At first glance it’s looks “prettier”. But they’ve added a lot of extra space and the information density is considerably reduced. When viewed on a monitor it’s somewhat OK, but on the laptop (13″) even he top entry is not displayed in full. The top entry fills the bottom 60% of the screen. The top 40% is filled with fluff and empty space.

Call me old fashioned, but I found the previous design much better simply because more information was displayed at one time, allowing more effective reading.

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