Threat of Rising Seas Around UK

Not sure why I keep doing this, but am watching now the BBC early morning news. They have a long on-location story about how scientists are studying the waves and movement of sand on the country’s shoreline in order to better prepare for rising sea levels. They report that sea levels have been rising about 3 mm per year, and “it is likely this rate will increase significantly in the future”, putting our coastline in peril.

No mention made about how the whole island of Great Britain is “tilting” due to tectonic forces, which cause some islsand edges to be moving up and other edges moving down–giving the appearance of rising sea levels from the perspective of a person standing on the shoreline.

It’s all about climate change, of course. Left unstated was that climate change all caused by man. However, rest assured, the scientists are on it and are working to understand the waves and sand movements to save us.

And of course, “it’s likely to get worse” was stated over and over.

(I wonder if the scientists have ever seen the “Shore Protection Manual“, published by the US Army Corps of Engineers many times over many decades, where all this wave and sand dynamics are already covered).

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