On Our Radar: Gaping Hole in Arctic Ozone

On Our Radar: Gaping Hole in Arctic Ozone:

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The New York Times reports that the ozone hole in the Arctic (not Antarctic) is “gaping”. They don’t say why. I think they are pi..ed off.

Update 4 Oct 2011

Scientists Report Ozone Hole Over the Arctic – NYTimes.com:

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Now the take is

While the extent of the ozone depletion is considered temporary, and well below the depletion that occurs seasonally over the Antarctic, atmospheric scientists described it as a striking example of how sudden anomalies can occur as a result of human activity that occurred years ago. At its maximum extent in February, the northern ozone hole reached southward into Russia and Mongolia.

They wrap up with:

“The Antarctic ozone hole is the drumbeat,” Dr. Fahey said. “We see it every year and it tells us that the stuff we did in the last two decades still matters” in terms of reducing the levels of ozone-depleting chemicals. Yet the ozone depletion recorded this year at the opposite end of the planet this year points to “the lack of predictability of what will happen in the Arctic,” he said.


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