The Wind Blew Yesterday in UK … how much Wind Power Got Generated?

September 13, 2011

Yesterday, the remnants of a hurricane passed over parts of the UK. Bishop Hill, knowing that I have energy production data on my phone asked for how much wind power was generated yesterday during those high winds. I provided Bishop Hill a screen shot from the “GridCarbon” iPhone app which shows real-time numbers for energy generation by type.

IMG 0672

If one turns the iPhone on its side, we can see a time series over the last 24 hours, wind is:

IMG 0675

The grey area is “night-time” darkness.

My sense it’s about 10x normal for wind, but it’s just a hunch based on my recollection. At some point, I’d like to carve out some time and get back to the re-looking at updates to this and that.

Total power generation:

IMG 0676

BBC News and Jonathan Ross

September 5, 2011

BBC Radio 2 News reported on their 2 p.m. newscast yesterday 5 September:

“Finally, viewing figures suggest that 4.5 million viewers watched Jonathan Ross’s new chat show on ITV. An average of 3 million people watched his last series on the BBC.”

Why is this news for the BBC to cover?