I was a longtime user of Microsoft Money. It provided a terrific structure and framework to provide structure and framework around personal money management. Microsoft discontinued support of the product. Despite that lack of support, the product continued to work but automation with financial services companies stopped functioning (or was planned to stop … I can’t remember). About that same time I moved from a Windows laptop to an Apple laptop. I started using Money on the Mac via VMWare, but was bothered by the inevitable that it would eventually stop working.

I looked around and could find nothing equal to Money. I eventually settled on MoneyDance and found other ways to do the things missing when compared to Money.

In time, I noticed that MoneyDance was producing summary expense reports that were wrong. The numbers involving sums of expenses in multiple currencies were seemingly ignoring the currency sign and instead simply adding the raw numbers. Oh dear. On further inspection, the exchange rates recorded for transactions were “weird” and unchangeable. Oh dear. I tried to get help from MoneyDance support but in the end I don’t know why they were unable to agree there was an issue nor why they could not, apparently, fix the problem.

Looked around again and noticed an article somewhere about Money tools for Mac. They mentioned iBank from IGG Software.

Impressive. Even more impressive was the herculean help they gave me in converting my “messed up” MoneyDance data file into iBank.


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