Over the last few years, I’ve been migrating my world of desktop computing tools from a Windows world to a Mac world. The drive for this has been twofold: 1. Because I can, and 2. I bought a Mac on a whim when my Windows laptop crashed. Previously I was a Microsoft OneNote user, but in the Mac world this software was unavailable and I found it impractical to use it in VMWare.

I’ve recently been reminded of MacJournal software. I’ve downloaded it and am now testing it. Interesting possiblities and clearly going to be useful.

Update 21 Aug

I’ve decided not to continue with this product. While initially attractive, I realized I have same and more capability for “journals” and miscellaneous note-taking using other existing tools, especially DEVONThink. I’m taking a quick test look at MarsEdit to provide off-line blog capablity.

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