First Book Published … on Kindle

July 25, 2011

Well, a Kindle book, actually. I was doing some reading about publishing Kindle books and it occurred to me that it was pretty simple to do. “Why not?”, I thought. I have a “book”, started many years ago, outlining how to use Microsoft Word. I hand it out to people I work with when they are using Word “wrong”. Frankly, I normally don’t care as it’s their loss. But in a collaborative world where they mess up the Word documents that we are working on together, and the cause is simply that they don’t know how to use Word … well, I hand over the “book”. I recently updated it to reflect Word 2010. So I thought, “Why Not?”

Available at .


July 7, 2011

I happen to be abroad this week and have had the “opportunity” to watch SkyNews on the hotel telly. Actually, it’s just on to contribute background noise to the hotel room and I pick SkyNews as it’s the only channel in English.

They provide extensive–meaning 24-hours per day every minute–coverage of the “hacking scandal” back in the UK. In fairness, they occasionally mention the alleged criminal actions by the News of the World reporters. However most their coverage is on the failure of the governmental (meaning Parliament) to adequately cover the issue when the hacking first came into the open. The other big issue is if the News International CEO will be able to retain her job.

No mention on why Scotland Yard did not or is not arresting people. No mention of all the other “news” of the day that one would expect to hear about from SkyNews.

I guess having Rupert Murdoch as your boss has an affect on what you do when you go to work every day.