“The Silence is Deafening”

Matt Ridley notices Rich Fisher’s observation, and further notices that it’s not noticed by journalists and the main stream media:

Rich Fisher: “One German organic farm has killed twice as many people as the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the Gulf Oil spill combined.”

2 Responses to “The Silence is Deafening”

  1. fujirobin says:

    Spurious comparison…. why not contrast motorcycle deaths, malnutrition deaths, deaths from arson, coal-mining etc etc ?

    it only makes sense to someone with a political axe to grind

  2. rms says:

    I think those comparisons are valid also.

    I think his point, and mine to, is the concern about over-reaction. If the same number of people who die in car crashes per year lost their lives instead due to airline crashes … you’d be sure something would happen. Wheras, for whatever reason, death by car crash, apparently, is “expected” whereas death by air crash, is not. It’s funny world.

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