Mac Defender Malware is Really Out There

I’ve recently been seeing reports of a new attack on Mac computers which has been given the name of “Mac Defender”. I understand that Apple has released an update to OS/X that deals with the problem. Update now. Mac Defender is really out there.

I noticed it on Drudge’s web site. I suspect one of the ads on this site is infected. The computer presents what looks to be a full screen of Finder. While I was in a stupor and really wasn’t ready to be “attacked”, I immediately awoke from that stupor since I noticed that Finder “looked funny”. There was a dialog box in the middle which said something about how the machine has detected security issues and malware and to “click here”. Had I done that, they would have owned the machine. I simply killed (force quit) on Chrome to avoid the issue.

Why do people have to do this?

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