Why does this Story Deserve Saturation Coverage by Media?

May 31, 2011

So, we’ve got this organisation which is apparently corrupt. Amongst other things, they manage a football (soccer) tournament once every four years. We all know sports is money and without adequate controls and ethics, money could cause corruption. This organisation’s corporate HQ is in Zurich.

Compared with all the issues in the world, why is this story about Fifa consuming so much time the leading UK television news networks (BBC and ITV)? Priorities seem funny to me.

Wind Power at Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden

May 1, 2011

We enjoy our occasional Sunday morning walks through the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. As part of their newly built John Hope Gateway they installed a prominent wind turbine. While this poster has surely been visible for a long time, for the first time I saw a poster at the north exit of the building showing the “green” and “sustainable” features of the new building. They show that the wind turbine can produce, at peak, 6 kw of energy, and “contribute to the power supplying the building”. Here it is in action:

If I get my numbers, that would be 6 kw x 1,000 watts/kw = 6,000 watts. I’m not sure if when they say “peak” they mean design capacity of the turbine or they really do mean “peak”. I’m going to assume that they mean the design capacity as “peak” could mean anything and depends on the weather. Further, let’s assume this city-located turbine 20% Load Factor which is about 25-30% less than the big turbines get in the Highlands of Scotland. 0.2 x 6,000 kw = 1,200 watts.

That will contribute the intermittent power supply of about twelve 100 watt lightbulbs. No insignificant, for sure; but is it enough?