Green Energy Hardware ‘the key’ to New Industrial Era

Today’s edition of the Aberdeen-based Press and Journal publishes an article by Jane Candlish, available online here, states as fact:

“The SNP Government has licensed 42 major renewable energy projects in the past four years, meaning 33% of Scotland’s power consumption comes from renewables … However, that figure rises to 58% when projects under construction are taken into consideration.”

These numbers, e.g. 33% and 58%, are wildly different from that reported for the UK as a whole for power distributed through the National Grid. Is Scotland that much different than the UK as a whole?

I’ve written to the paper to ask:

Could you please provide me the authoritative source for these numbers?

If no source, could you please advise what power generation methods you classify as “renewable” and how much power is produced for each method, e.g. wind, wave, current, biofuel, etc. compared to what many call “non-renewable”, e.g. coal, gas, oil, nuclear, imported from France, etc. ?

Are these numbers including significant power generation which is distributed to customers via means other than the National Grid?

Over what period of time have you measured? The last week, the last month, the last year?

The analysis I did late last year with National Grid data for the whole of the UK as reported by the National Grid suggests a completely different story.

Update 26 Apr 11 at 10:15 a.m.

The reporter who wrote the article quickly replied to my email:

It was Alex Salmond who quoted these figures, which I had originally
stated in my article. These words were removed during the editing
process, changing the meaning of the final piece which appeared in the

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    power? energy? or electricity?

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