I love this diagram. Energy Flows.

The following figure was posted on Dr. David MacKay’s, Chief Scientist at DECC, at his blog at Sustainable Energy. He announced a new version of their 2050 Calculator tool which I’ve not yet had a chance to play with. However, the following figure, which can be produced by the tool, shows how energy flows. I’ve seen similar diagrams for the USA and it’s roughly the same.

This is an important and key way we should understand energy. How often do I hear that someone state the “solution” to the energy “crisis” is to fix efficiency. “We waste so much energy in our homes! We need the government to provide more grants for better home insulation and we’d fix this problem.”

Study the following figure and see if you agree. Are there other strategy targets we should look into? I think so. Click on the figure to get a bigger image.

One Response to I love this diagram. Energy Flows.

  1. fujirobin says:

    I like Sankey diagrams too.. Your question relates to now yet this diagram is from 40 years into the future.

    Even then the big grey “losses” from thermal generation might tend to point to using the waste heat for something useful… CHP anyone?

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