Remind me again, why this is being built?

The Forth Ports authority plans to build a “green” biomass power generation plant based in the Leith area of the city. It’s considered “green” since it will burn wood chips shipped from USA and Scandinavia, and “32 lorries of fuel and other materials” through the day. The Scotsman reports that while the plant will take 4 years to build, it may be torn down in 25 years.

I guess it makes sense to create power near where it’s used as this cuts down on not-insignificant loss; but why in the centre of a city? And why plan to tear down in 25 years. I know they are prepared to do this simply because they see better profit in building homes and commerce in 25 years; but a power plant is what a city needs. Perhaps integrate it? Having it near a port for receiving fuel and exporting waste sounds a good idea. But is burning this sort of fuel good for a city? Dunno.

One Response to Remind me again, why this is being built?

  1. fujirobin says:

    Well for sure the combustion gases won’t be pleasant – a step backward compared to natural gas. Is it a CHP plant? Presumably they get ROCs, which would probably be the big incentive?

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