BBC Mis-reported yet again

This morning there was great fanfare on the BBC web site and on the BBC Radio 2 News reports about the so-called 48-page presidential commission “report” issued that blamed “bad management” for the BP oil spill.

I clicked on the link provided by the BBC which was the “report” and in fact it was a simple press release indicating that they were releasing 1 chapter of the report. The full report to be released on January 11. Despite this, the BBC had a long report on the “report” and numerous postings on the radio news about this. No where did they say that it was not a report and that it was only one chapter–with a news report.

I felt ornery. I clicked the “contact us” page and mentioned to them that they were probably over-egging the news on this. See below for what I first saw and what is now published on the BBC web page.

Before (click to see full size):

After (click to see full size):

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