Amazon Kindle Too Restricted in UK

I received for Christmas one of those 3rd generation Kindle devices from Amazon. I like it. It’s a beautiful screen which is easy to read, the form factor and user interface is fine, and I like the idea of being able to hold so many books and documents in one place. I tend not to know what I will want to read so I like having lots of options available for when I do read. That means on trips I travel “heavy”. No longer.

I’ve been using the Kindle software on a Mac and on my iPhone for some time. Accordingly, I’ve collected a few e-books. I’m now looking at getting a few more to round out the collection. Sadly, some of the books that I really want to get are available in USA from, but not available in UK from I’ve not done a rigorous review, but it looks like a large number of books available to USA customers are simply not offered to UK customers.

That sort of ticks me off.

2 Responses to Amazon Kindle Too Restricted in UK

  1. fujirobin says:

    Sony’s PRS readers had a similar issue with the Sony shop not working for UK customers… but at least there are other options for paid for ebooks. And the Sony will read lots of other formats (epub, Doc, PDF, RTF etc)… Sony did redeem themselves by providing access to 500k (copyright-) free books via google books though. Having just checked the link their marketroids sent me I find that it has now “expired” as it was one of those marketing tracker links that reports back shedloads of personal details when you click it. As it has been some months, this is obviously of no further use to them so they have killed the link. Don’t you just HATE marketroids?

  2. rms says:

    I’m going to try to get a US account …

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