Winter in Europe and UK Like “Hell Frozen Over”

Piers Corbyn, who apparently has a relatively good track record with long range weather forecasts using new forecasting methods.  He has posted a sponsored forecast on You Tube with a grim outlook for the upcoming winter in UK and Europe.

2 Responses to Winter in Europe and UK Like “Hell Frozen Over”

  1. fujirobin says:

    Have there been any real (properly-controlled) studies on how good this guy is? I know there are plenty of storied about him, but that could just be his PR machine !

  2. rms says:

    I only know the stories. And somewhere along the way I read a relatively detailed article on the ideas/technology he employs. I can’t remember the details but my recollection and understanding is that his approach seemed plausible and realistic. Again, my recollection, takes strong stock of planetary and solar physics. He appears to keep his approaches confidential and sells forecasting services. Can’t think who would have interest in funding/doing a real study on how good this guy is unless they were in the market for this service and did this as part of due diligence–in which case they wouldn’t make the results public. Perhaps other government or commercial long range weather forecasters can and should (or have) considered. In these situations, however, it’s competition. One reaction to competition is to destroy it. Another, more positive reaction, would be to adopt and exploit.

    I find it interesting and perhaps a nugget of understanding which can nudge the world a bit.

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