The best shot? | The Rational Optimist…

The best shot? | The Rational Optimist…. by Matt Ridley.

He eloquently puts forward his case for why he has doubts about the IPPC case for AGW.  He says what I truly think; and am unable to so so as as eloquently and clearly as Ridley does in this blog article.  I guess that’s why he’s a wealthy best-selling author (his most recent book is terrific, I’m reading it now) and I’m not!

Now, if for the past 20 years we had been told that there is a probability of some change in the climate due to CO2, and a very small possibility that it is likely to lead to a drastic lurch, then I could join with you and the consensus. Instead of which I have been repeatedly told that trillions must be spent urgently because there are only a few months to save the world and it is the most urgent problem, more urgent than hunger, malaria and indoor air pollution, likely to lead to the collapse of the entire economy and moreover that the science is settled and to question it is to be equivalent to a criminal. So, apologies if I sound a little exercised on this, but as a huge champion of science I feel very, very let down by the science establishment, especially the laughably poor enquiries on the emails published this year. Ask yourself if these emails had been within a drug company about a drug trial, whether the establishment would have been so determined to excuse them.

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