Mean Wind Power in UK Nov 2008 to Sep 2009

The following graph, based on data provided by Elexeon (National Grid, UK) is based on the average of the 30-minute reported numbers (average of 2 numbers) for the period November 2008 through September 2009. See data references on previous postings. The graph doesn’t tell the whole store about the quality/security of the power as it is only a mean across this 23 month period. What we are also interested how often is there little to now power being produced. This is reflected in the histograms and fitted probably distribution functions will be next to compute.

2 Responses to Mean Wind Power in UK Nov 2008 to Sep 2009

  1. fujirobin says:

    The problem, I fear, is that as the data is mainly from metered Scottish windfarms we aren’t getting a representative picture of the whole system. Maybe it just aint possible at present.

    btw have you seen the Spanish realtime wind reporting system?

    not sure how you can extract data from that though. If you page back through the data there are some HEFTY wind production days

    Again I don’t think ALL of theirs are metered, but they do have a far bigger wind % “penetration” (oo-er missus) than the UK.

  2. rms says:

    It surely sees hard (impossible?) for me to get all the data and to understand easily what is in or out. Seems like it should be something that is published and is complete. But …

    Everyone publishing different summaries (with different basis and different source). I want the source so that I can do my own analysis and understand the basis. Publishing only summaries is a great way to muddy the waters, I’ve learned in my old age.

    Thanks for the link of Spanish data … at first glance can’t get my head around it but will look at. Again, source not at first glance available.

    Process industries always have “process history databases” of some sort, example It should be easy–given the will–to get this data if it were published.

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