I do not know why i dislike this so much

Just checked out of the Thainstone House Hotel, Inverurie. I guess a pretty nice place but showing its age a bit.

They put a surcharge of £2 in the bill for me having the audacity to use a credit card to settle the bill. They do not charge line items on the bill for heat, taxes, salaries, maintenance, interest on loans, etc.  Why? Because these are not service deliverables to me the customer.

Room and food are service deliverables at the hotel. They rightly show up as line items on the bill.

The credit card payment is not a deliverable and should not be charged as such.

Feels like a slap in the face, it does.

2 Responses to I do not know why i dislike this so much

  1. fujirobin says:

    Retaliate. Look up the laws on legal tender, then pay with the maximum amount of coins instead.

  2. rms says:

    Could do that. Normally, I just say “I’m not going back.” and then do that. Haven’t been back to Cameron House Hotel, nor will I go back to this one.

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