Jerry Pournelle on Global Temperature, CO2, etc.

Jerry Pournelle continues to write eloquently.  He’s famous for his articles in Byte Magazine, science fiction writing.  He’s also has long experience in the US space programme.  He understands science, technology, and politics.

See his recent posting where he comments on the

  • the declared accuracy of the record of global temperature change to tenths of a degree [which not only he cannot understand, he can find nobody who does understand other than to point him to thick and indecipherable papers and told “figure it out yourself”].
  • the presentation of the small rise of CO2 in the atmosphere where the graph’s scale are probably misleading [deliberately? Read “How to Lie with Statistics”].
  • He points out “We need to allocate money to the CO2 problem: the question is the urgency. Have we a lot of time or not much time?”.  [We are rushing to action at great expense involve trillions and trillions and millions of lives at stake, yet we don’t really know that much about CO2 in the atmosphere nor the temperature record].

His final point is telling: “I have focused on data collection operations and accuracies because those who believe we ought to be alarmed use tenth of a degree changes as their evidence.”

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