Great Book: “Power to Save the World”

I’m reading a great book.  A great book. World class writing, factual, logical.  It’s by Gwyneth Cravens and as the strap line on the title says, it is about the “truth about nuclear energy”.  She “takes an informed and clarifying look at the myths, the fears, and the truth about nuclear energy” as stated on the book’s web site at

She was initially a skeptic, originating from her childhood growing up near Los Alamos in New Mexico.  She spent 10 y ears researching book. Ms. Cravens is a writer for the New Yorker Magazine and it shows.

I’m about 1/2 way through the book and I’m particularly impressed with her explanations of PRA (Probabilistic Risk Assessment) and how this addresses the understanding of risk in this important topic.

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