Facing Up To Climate Change

This evening I attended the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s lecture on “Facing Up to Climate Change” presented by The Lord Krebs Kt, FRS, FMedSci, Principal, Jesus College, University of Oxford. He’s also a member of the House of Lord’s Committee on Climate Change.

His message was clear

: the climate is changing–the proof is clear: rise of sea level, flooding, ocean acidity, etc. It’s going to get hot, and hot is bad (extreme weather, uninhabitable regions of the world, etc.) And all this is caused by mankind.
: the science proving this “fact” is settled and beyond reproach, discussion, and “denial”. (He said CRU was “exonerated”, and he frequently used the word “denier” for those who do not agree with this assessment.)
: the key to solving this “problem” is to change mankind’s behaviour to stop the climate changing.
: government’s role is to ensure people to change their behaviour–probably via non coercive methods, e.g. psychological, because to do otherwise is politically impossible.
: buying “stuff” (consuming) does not lead to happiness and if mankind stops “unethical consumption”, the horror of climate change will be prevented.


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