iOS4 intall took about 90 Minutes…

June 22, 2010

I don’t know why it took so long and I don’t know if this normal or not. The install process took about 90 minutes or so. Maybe my sync wire is going bad and the whole time was spent on data communication errors or something. I don’t know. Read a book while watching it go, so it was not a complete waste of time.

But boy is this a good upgrade for the iPhone:
  • Camera now has an electronic zoom. In the spirit of “the best camera is the one you have with you”, this is a great feature which makes the camera more useful.
  • Folders for grouping start up icons. Good for usability
  • Mail has some upgrades which allows you to read all mail in all accounts from one view. I need to monitor a number of accounts and this is useful. At first glance, though, it’s not clear how to tell which account the mail actually resides in. This would be needed to help me understand who I am when I reply.

iOS 4 … trying to Install it. Seems a slow process.

June 21, 2010

My iTunes invited me to download and and install the new operating system to my iPhone, iOS 4. I said “yes, do it” and the computer and the iPhone are working on it as I write this.

It was a pretty big download taking about 10 minutes on the wireless connection to the house’s broadband.

Now iTunes reports it’s backup the iPhone. It appears to be much slower than a normal backup of the iPhone. In about 20 minutes of backup, it’s progressed to what the progress bar suggests is about 5% or so. I suspect it might take all night. I’m glad it’s the end of the day and I can just let the two gadgets work on it overnight.

Weather Great. Reading about Climate Change

June 20, 2010

The weather has been great this weekend and outside of a bike ride and a walk along the sea front I’ve enjoyed the time reading a couple of books which I recommend to anyone interested in the debate about climate change and energy for our planet:

The Great Global Warming Blunder“, by Roy Spencer
Climatism“, by Steve Goreham
Both books are superbly written. For where I feel I am informed and understand the current issues and state of play both books are in line with my thinking. This gives them great credibility as they explain so much that is still new or still not understood. They talk of both the science and politics of the issues.