The Green Police

February 8, 2010

Hilarious. Companies pull out all the stops for television advertisements for the Super Bowl. This is terrific.

Where’s the Risk in "The 10 Ways Hackers Will Bring Wall Street to Its Knees"

February 2, 2010

Interesting and insightful slide show on Business Insider (linked above). They discuss how hackers can impact the financial system.

Those are just some of the ways someone could disrupt financial markets and undermine consumer confidence, separate from more traditional hacking attacks on personal information, like credit card numbers.

Interestingly, they talk of these threats as if they are risks. They just present them as threats–things that are “out there” and surely not something anything can do much about. They don’t define a the risk which would something like
“Because of [Threat], [something] might happen, leading to [Impact]”. There are suggestions about impact, but not much about what could happen other than broad generalities. There is little about how current controls mitigate these risks. Not much here to help figure out what needs to happen and what are problems, and what are not.